ProAV Spotlight Awards 2013 - Official Entry Form

This is an Official Entry Form for:


1. Who's involved in this project?

Reseller / Dealer / Integrator:
Client / End-User:
Project Name:
Project Completion Date:
Submitted By (Full Name):
Street Address:
City / State / Zip:
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2. Please answer the following questions:

1. What is the purpose of this AV installation?
2. Describe the intended user / viewer experience.
3. Describe any special features.
4. How is the effectiveness of the installation measured?
5. Provide any data to demonstrate the effectiveness.
6. How does / did your end-user/client justify the expense of the installation?
7. List and describe special challenges or circumstances related to this project. How were these challenges overcome?
8. If applicable, how were the AV systems integrated with the project's architecture?
9. If applicable, how were the AV systems integrated with IT systems?

3. Please provide some general information

1. Where is the installation located? Describe the environment (inside/outside, public/private spaces, etc.)
2. What primary hardware components were selected for the installation and why?
3. What software is running on the installation and why?
4. What were the project's start and completion dates? Start 
5. What was the project's AV budget? Was it completed on budget? If not, why not?
6. Please identify who your partners were on the project (i.e. software, hardware, content, fixture providers etc.). Please provide complete and accurate company names.

4. Upload Supporting Content

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5. Enter Payment Details

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5. Please read and accept the following

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I certify that the information on this form and entry materials is correct; that NewBay Media is authorized to use my name, the name of the company I work for, and my clients' name and company in press releases, on NewBay Media and its partners' Web site and in connection with advertising and promotion thereof; that am qualified to, and do so give NewBay Media permission to use any part of the submitted information as it sees fit, including photography, and agree to participate in a case study of the project. Furthermore, NewBay Media is indemnified against any and all costs arising in connection with claims of infringement of any copyright, trademark, trade name and other proprietary rights of any third party, claims of libel, invasion of privacy or publicity of any other rights of any person or corporation; and from and against any claims contained in the entrant's text or illustrative material that may be injurious to the user.

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